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Nucleics to exhibit DNA sequencing software & reagents at GSAC 2005

We will be showing our DNA sequencing software, service & reagents at the Genomes, Medicine and the Environment GSAC2005 conference to be held at the Hilton Head Marriott Beach & Golf Resort from October 17 – 19, 2005.

Nucleics relocates from ATP to Bendigo

Nucleics has relocated from the Australian Technology Park, Sydney to the Bendigo campus of La Trobe University. This move provides Nucleics with improved facilities, as well as access to critical research infrastructure and collaborators. Our updated contact information is available from our contact information page.

QualTrace™ 1.2 DNA sequencing software released

Nucleics announces the release of the QualTrace 1.2 DNA sequencing trace analysis software. QualTrace provides real-time detection of production failures that limit the read length of DNA sequencing traces. It is compatibility with both the ABI KB base caller and ABI 3XX base caller's on the ABI3730 and 3730xl DNA sequencers.

The QualTrace 1.2 update identifies nine major problems commonly encounter during DNA sequencing. New features in this software version include the ability to detect excess leftover BigDye™ (dye blobs), a new "excellent" trace type, an updated log file, and the ability to analysis multiple DNA sequencing trace sub folders.

For further information please visit the QualTrace DNA sequencing trace analysis software page.

CounterTrace II DNA sequencing software & reagent released

Nucleics launched the CounterTrace II DNA sequencing software & reagent. The CounterTrace II™ software is an updated version of the CounterTrace DNA sequencing kit designed for use with the KB basecaller on the ABI3730 and 3730xl DNA sequencers. CounterTrace II offers increases in alignable KB Q20+ read lengths of up to 30% for individual DNA traces, with an average of 15% to 20% in high throughput sequencing production centers.

For further information on the CounterTrace II sequencing system please visit the CounterTrace II DNA sequencing page

Nucleics moves DNA sequencing facility to the Australian Technology Park, Sydney

Nucleics moved on the 26th May 2003 to the Biotechnology precinct of the Australian Technology Park, Redfern, Australia. This move allows Nucleics to significantly expand our R&D base and provides a platform for future growth of our software & reagents for DNA sequencing. For further information on the Australian Technology Park and ATP Innovations please visit the ATP Innovations web site.
Our new address is:

Nucleics Pty Ltd
Suite 145
National Innovation Center
Australian Technology Park
Eveleigh NSW 1430
Australia Tel: 61 2 9209 4034
Fax: 61 2 9209 4084

General manager appointed

Nucleics has appointed Mr David Gemmola to the newly created position of General Manager. David has extensive experience in the management and growth of early stage high technology companies. He brings to Nucleics a focus on product development and management.

CounterTrace DNA sequencing kit released

Nucleics announces the public launch of the CounterTrace DNA sequencing kit. CounterTrace combines a propriety DNA standard and trace reprocessing software that provides increases in DNA trace read lengths of up to 65% with average increases of 25%. The CounterTrace DNA sequencing software and reagent is compatible with both the ABI 3700 and 3730 DNA sequencers and requires only minimal changes to current production protocols. The CounterTrace DNA sequencing software has been designed and optimized for use with the phred basecaller.

For further information on the CounterTrace ™ DNA sequencing kit please

Nucleics launches the UniSeq genome DNA sequencing kit

Nucleics announces the launched of the UniSeq ™ genome DNA sequencing kit. This innovative technology allows the user to rapidly and efficiently sequence any DNA region and is based on the UniPrime™ technology developed by Nucleics. UniPrime utilizes a unique design and combination of short oligonucleotides to produce individual, template specific, sequencing primers. These primers are used directly in the sanger DNA sequencing reaction without the need for additional enzymatic steps. The UniSeq technology is robust and provides significant time and cost savings to all current genome DNA sequencing projects.

For further information on UniSeq™ genome DNA sequencing kit please .

Protein expression & purification subsidiary established

Nucleics announces the establishment of Protigene, a fully-owned subsidiary of Nucleics. Protigene is focused on the commercialization of novel protein expression and purification technologies developed by Nucleics scientists. Protigene's CEO, Dr Paul March, believes the creation of a separate subsidiary will enable Nucleics to capture the value from its protein expression and purification IP, while allowing Nucleics management to concentrate fully on the development of its Genomics products. Dr March says

"The protein [expression] technologies developed by Nucleics present a great opportunity, however, they do distract from [Nucleics] focus. Protigene gives [Nucleics] the resources to fully develop these new technologies. I am very excited about Protigene's IP portfolio and believe strongly that we will provide the biomedical community with highly innovative products."

For further information on Protigene or any of our protein expression and purification products please .

Nucleics scientists develop novel protein purification system

Z-Tag is a novel and versatile protein purification technology developed by Nucleics that provides a number of superior properties over currently available protein purification systems. The Z-Tag™ system employs a novel protein fusion technology to link the target protein of choice to a specific protein tag. The protein tag's key property is its ability to undergo reversible self-polymerisation induced by defined and controllable physical/ chemical conditions. The Z-Tag™ system is matrix-independent and thus avoids problems encountered during industrial scale-up associated with column and absorption bed usage.

For further information on the Z-Tag ™ protein expression technology please contact .

Nucleics to sequence the Streptococcus gordonii genome

Nucleics announces a project to sequence the Streptococcus gordonii DL1 genome using the ASIN genome sequencing technology developed by Nucleics. Streptococcus gordonii is an oral pathogen that can cause severe heart valve damage. This project is being performed in collaboration with Professor N A Jacques from Institute of Dental Research in Sydney. Approximately 25% of the genome sequence was completed in a pilot project in December 2000.

The ASIN technology was sold to Takara Biomedicals in March 2000, however, Nucleics retains the right to use the technology internally for non-commercial projects.

Nucleics awarded an R&D START grant to develop new DNA sequencing technologies

Nucleics has been awarded a three year R&D START grant of $1,834,000 from AusIndustry to develop new automated DNA sequencing technologies. These integrated technologies improve the preparation of the DNA template, the selection of the required oligonucleotide primers, the sequencing reaction read length, and the DNA polymerase. The synergy obtained by integration of these components will provide the biomedical community with considerable time and money savings over current approaches.

For further information on the R&D START scheme please contact AusIndustry.

Nucleics sells the ASIN genome sequencing technology to Takara Biomedicals

Nucleics announces the sale of its novel genome DNA sequencing technology (ASIN) to Takara Biomedicals, a division of Takara Shuzo. Under the terms of the agreement, Takara has purchased all IP associated with the ASIN sequencing technology. Takara Biomedical Group has applied for worldwide patents on this technology.


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