Nucleics DNA Sequencing Services


PeakTrace DNA Sequence Basecaller

The PeakTrace DNA sequencing software is a new DNA sequencing basecaller for molecular biologists and genetists to improve the quality and read length of automated DNA traces collected on the ABI 3730, 3100 and ABI 3130 DNA sequencing instruments.

The PeakTrace DNA sequencing software combines novel raw sequence data trace reprocessing algorithms with an easy to use web based interface, to achieve increases in high quality Q20+ base calls by up to 50%. PeakTrace has the added advantage in that no changes are need to existing sequencing processes and it can even be applied to historical trace data sets. The PeakTrace DNA basecaller can be used with plasmid miniprep, Bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC), TempliPhi, or polymerase chain reaction (PCR) templates.

We have released a standalone version of PeakTrace (PeakTrace:Box) which allows users to gain the benefits of PeakTrace processing in those environments where data privacy is critical. This version does not require that the traces data leave the facility as all processing is done on hardware located at the users facility.

To try the PeakTrace sequencing service for free on your own traces please visit the PeakTrace Online page or to find out more about PeakTrace please visit the PeakTrace overview or PeakTrace FAQ pages.

Guide to Selecting DNA Sequencing Services

We are often asked by potential customers if we provide general DNA sequencing services, unfortunately, we no longer do. To help our customers find the right general sequencing service we have reviewed 143 DNA sequencing services. We have also added a short advice guide on choosing the right DNA sequencing service for your needs. This guide offers tips for determining which DNA sequencing service features are most important.

If you have any comments on any of these guides, or would like to make a correction or addition, please email us at {This email is obscured. Your must have javascript enabled to see it}.

Price USA Assisted Purchasing Service

Price USA is an Australian company that offers Australians the ability to mail forward directly from the USA. This company should prove very useful for avoid the huge mark-ups on scientific equipment we have to pay here is Australia. It is definitely worth considering using Price USA, even if just a lever to get the Australian distributors to pass on some of the huge profits they are making from the high Australian dollar.

Genome DNA Sequencing Consulting Services

The Nucleics team has broad experience with current genome sequencing approaches and can provide you with expert advice on how to best complete your genomics projects in the most cost efficient manner. For an free initial consultation on your genome sequencing needs please contact our support team at {This email is obscured. Your must have javascript enabled to see it}.

Genomic DNA Sequencing Services

Nucleics has developed a range of novel DNA sequencing technologies including the PeakTrace Basecaller, dLUTE SEQ DNA sequencing reagent, LongTrace DNA sequencing service, CounterTrace II DNA sequencing software, CounterTrace DNA sequencing system , QualTrace sequencing software and UniSeq DNA sequencing software & reagent, for genome sequencing using the oligonucleotide primer walking approach. These DNA sequencing applications allow user to reduce the cost of genome sequencing by more than 90%.

Nucleics no longer offers genome or DNA sequencing of customers samples. To help you find an appropriate facility we suggest you look at our reviews of DNA sequencing service providers.

For further information about our genomic sequencing services and products please contact our support team at {This email is obscured. Your must have javascript enabled to see it}.

Bioinformatics Consulting Services

The scientists at Nucleics have an extensive background in the analysis of DNA and protein sequence data and offers confidential consultation on your bioinformatics and genome sequence annotation needs.

For further information on Nucleics’ Bioinformatics services please contact our support team at {This email is obscured. Your must have javascript enabled to see it}.