Auto PeakTrace 5.63 Released

We have released Auto PeakTrace 5.63. This is a small bug fix update to correct an issue with outputting both .phd.1 and .seq files at the same time. It will be automatically updated if you are running Auto PeakTrace online, but if you wish to … [Read more]

PeakTrace 5.62 Linux x86 Released

We have finally updated the Linux Release of PeakTrace to version 5.62 (yes it has been a long time). Due to changes in the CodeMeter runtime support we have had to create two version of PeakTrace - one for REHL 5 (CentOS 5.11+) and another for REHL … [Read more]

Auto PeakTrace RP 5.61 Released

Auto PeakTrace RP 5.61 has been released. This release brings improvements to security, speed and the robustness of the data transfer process. The changes are:Trace files are now encrypted while being transfered to and from the remote PeakTrace … [Read more]

Auto PeakTrace 5.61 Released

We have released a minor update for Auto PeakTrace that fixes a problem with skip short traces when trace trimming is enabled. It is recommend that anyone running Auto PeakTrace 5.61 upgrade to this version. You will also need to upgrade to the … [Read more]

Auto PeakTrace RP 5.60 Released

Auto PeakTrace RP 5.60 has been released for Windows and MacOS X. This is a major release that we suggest everyone use. The biggest change is that failed traces are now not counted towards your usage except in a few limited cases (see below). This … [Read more]

PeakTrace 5.60 Released

PeakTrace 5.60 has been released for Windows (other versions will follow in the next few days). This is a major release and we recommend everyone upgrade to this version. The two biggest changes are the Auto PeakTrace is over twice as fast as before … [Read more]