How to Install PeakTrace License Update

A common question is how to install the PeakTrace License Update File so that the license on your USB key is current. It is very simple1. When you receive the update file (most likely by email) save it in a suitable location. Note that … [Read more]

How to Update the USB Key Time

The PeakTrace USB Key contains an independent clock that must be kept in alignment with the system time of your computer. Normally this clock remains accurate for many months, but after a license or firmware upgrade it may need to be updated. The … [Read more]

How to update the CodeMeter Runtime

All version of Auto PeakTrace above 5.70 require the latest CodeMeter runtime. To update you first need to check the CodeMeter Runtime installed on your computer.1. Open the CodeMeter Control Center from Run > All Programs > … [Read more]

Auto PeakTrace RP 5.83 Released

Just a minor update to correct a rare bug with input or output folders that contain unicode characters (non-English letters). The automated system should inform you of the update, but if you want to install it manually then the updates (for both … [Read more]

Auto PeakTrace RP 5.82 Released

We have a released a minor update for Auto PeakTrace RP (5.82) that fixes a problem with slow network transfers. It is recommended that all users to upgrade to this version. It available through the automatic update system, but if you wish to install … [Read more]

Auto PeakTrace RP 5.81 MacOSX Released

We have released the Mac OS X version of Auto PeakTrace RP 5.81. This is not a true port of Auto PeakTrace RP to the Mac OS X system, but simply a wine wrapper around the Windows version. While it works well, it will not look like a true Mac OS X … [Read more]