Auto PeakTrace RP 5.50 Released

The latest version of Auto PeakTrace RP (5.50) has been released. These are the changesImproved fuse basecalling option. Improved basecalling through large dye peaks. Default options changed to improve basic usage .seq file output: abi … [Read more]

Auto PeakTrace 5.50 Released

A major update to Auto PeakTrace has been released. There will be updates released shortly for Auto PeakTrace RP and the Linux version of PeakTrace.This update can be obtained from our downloads page. Please contact us for access to the downloads … [Read more]

Publications mentioning the use of PeakTrace

I thought I would start posting papers that have mention that they have used PeakTrace. Here is the first of these posts — Phylogenetic Relationships of Muehlenbeckia, Fallopia , and Reynoutria (Polygonaceae) Investigated with Chloroplast and Nuclear … [Read more]

Changes to PeakTrace Online

PeakTrace Online (the free version of PeakTrace) has always used a very basic group of settings. One area that can cause it problems are traces with weak signal at the end of the trace. This is because PeakTrace Online was using any of the trace trim … [Read more]

Updated DNA Sequencing Service Reviews

We have started to update the DNA sequencing service reviews, add new facilities, and remove facilities that are no longer doing Sanger DNA sequencing. We have identified 325 facilities worldwide that offer Sanger DNA sequencing services and will be … [Read more]