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peaktrace basecaller

Auto PeakTrace RP 5.32 Released

This update is a bug and UI update fix released. Nothing major, but you should see a reange of small changes that improve the overall look and function of Auto PeakTrace RP. The 5.32 release for Auto PeakTrace should also be out in the next week.

Nucleics has moved

Nucleics has moved to leafy Woollahra located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.

Auto PeakTrace 5.31 Released

This update fixes a number of bugs and provides improved processing speed. It is recommended that all customers upgrade to this version.

Auto PeakTrace RP 5.20 released

This is major update for the Auto PeakTrace RP software. New features include:

Auto PeakTrace RP will prompt you to install this update, but if you wish to obtain the update manually please contact Nucleics.

For user of the PeakTrace:Box system these changes will be incorporated into the next release.

Auto PeakTrace 5.11 Released

A major update to Auto PeakTrace software incorporating an improved fuse basecalls setting and the new no peak resolution option. The update should be automatically updated by user using Auto PeakTrace 5.05 for systems online. For users that run the PeakTrace:Box system offline please contact Nucleics to obtain the update.

Auto PeakTrace RP 5.11 Released

A major update to Auto PeakTrace RP has been released. This version adds two new features: Fuse basecalling and no peak resolution. These features offer improved basecalling within then first 100 bases and the detection of polymorphic sites. These new features will also be available in the next release of PeakTrace:Box system.

Auto PeakTrace RP Released

Auto PeakTrace RP is a new addition to the PeakTrace basecalling software family. PeakTrace RP allows small users (or people wanting to trial Auto PeakTrace) to gain access to all the processing and file output control that the standalone PeakTrace:Box DNA sequencing system offers without needing to install hardware in your sequencing facility. To trial Auto PeakTrace RP please register here.


PeakTrace 5 Released

PeakTrace 5 is the latest version of the PeakTrace basecalling software. This release offers a new licensing system, improved basecalling, automatic checking for updates, and an improved help manual. If you are an existing customer and wish to update to PeakTrace 5 please .

PeakTrace 4.96 Released

An update to PeakTrace software offering improved basecalling and trace processing. If you are an existing customer and wish to upgrade to version 4.96 please .

New Phone Number

We have a new phone number (613) 9016 9373.

Auto QualTrace 2.80 Released

An update to the QualTrace QC software that provides addition information on traces quality. To trial QualTrace please visit our QualTrace sequencing trial page.

PeakTrace 4.10 Released

We have released a new version of out PeakTrace Basecalling software. This version offers improved basecalling of the first 40 bases through the use of trace fusion. The feature fuses the 5'-end base called peaks from KB with the improved basecalling of PeakTrace at the 3'-end of the trace. This also improves the basecalling of through dyeblob peaks.

PeakTrace Mini released

We have released a new version of our PeakTrace system designed for small scale users (under 1000 traces per month). This system comes in three scales: PeakTrace Mini 500, PeakTrace Mini 1000 and PeakTrace Mini 2000 with the ability to process 500, 1000 or 2000 traces per month, respectively. This system is suitable for those users which for data confidentiality reason do not wish to use the our PeakTrace FTP service. For more details on the PeakTrace Mini Systems please see our main PeakTrace:Box page.

PeakTrace 3.4 Released

We have released an updated version of PeakTrace which now supports more run conditions including beta support of the Biostation sequencer and better support for the ET terminator chemistry on ABI instruments.

PeakTrace 3.0 released

We have released PeakTrace 3.0. Apart from the usual bug fixes, the big news with this release is support for rapid run (high voltage) and support for more sequencing instruments and run conditions. If you have tried PeakTrace before and your run condition was not supported then you may wish to try it again.

LongTrace 3.3 released

We have released an update for LongTrace that offers improved basecalling and support for the ABI 3100 sequencer (POP7 only).

PeakTrace 2.4 released

We have released PeakTrace 2.4 DNA sequencing software. This version offer support for more ABI 310 and 3100 run conditions as well as improved basecalling and lower error rates. In addition, more traces with weak signal are able to be basecalled by PeakTrace.

Change to our credit card processing system

We have changed our credit card processing to Paypal. The reason for this change is the volume and size of orders we were processing via credit cards were too small to make it worthwhile continuing with the complex system we had (our credit card processing system was complex because we needed to be able to bill in US$ - something that is not easy to do from here in Australia). If you have any questions about this change please don't hesitate to .

LongTrace 2.1 released

We have released a major upgrade of the LongTrace software that offers improved basecalling and better looking traces for the ABI 3730, 3100, 3130 DNA sequencers. This release is a major rewrite of the LongTrace code and is significantly faster in trace processing. Removed from this version is the beta support for the ABI 3700 sequencer. For those users with 3700 sequencers we recommend using our PeakTrace basecaller instead as it provides much better support for a wider range of 3700 run conditions.

PeakTrace basecaller released

We have released a new DNA sequencing basecaller called PeakTrace designed to improve the read length obtain from all ABI DNA sequencers. This software can improve trace read lengths by up to 100% and is compatible with the ABI377, ABI3700, ABI310, ABI3100, ABI3130, and ABI3730. We have also made available a free version of PeakTrace basecaller to allow potential customers to try PeakTrace on their own traces.

LongTrace 1.1 upgrade released

We have released a major upgrade of the LongTrace DNA sequencing system. This upgrade offers improved read lengths, better basecalling at the 5' end (front) of the trace, and support for the ABI 3700 DNA sequencer.

Price of LongTrace FTP service reduced

We have reduced the price of our LongTrace FTP-based service by 20 to 35%. This has been achieved by the recent changes we have made to our processing infrastructure that have reduced our costs which we have passed on to our customers. The cost of the FTP online processing size is now ranges from 12 to 25 cents per improved trace.

Standalone hardware LongTrace system launched

We have released a standalone version of the LongTrace software. This system (called LongTrace:Box) allows sequencing facilities to access the read lengths and throughput improvements offered by LongTrace without the need to ftp traces to our server. This makes the system ideal for high volume environments, or for users with strict data confidentiality requirements. For information more on LongTrace:Box system please visit the LongTrace:Box overview page.

High volume LongTrace FTP service launched

The LongTrace FTP service has been launched. This offers a simple way for high volume users to access the LongTrace service. We are offering 100 free processings (a $35 value) to all customers how sign up of for this service. To learn more about LongTrace FTP service please visit the LongTrace overview page.

New DNA sequencing forum added

We have added a DNA sequencing forum for our customers and visitors to ask question or discuss our products or DNA sequencing in general. Come and check it out.

Auto QualTrace released

We have released a easy-to-use graphical version of QualTrace designed for small to medium sized sequencing users.

New Secure Online Ordering System

We have added a new secure online ordering system to make it easier to order our products. We are able to accept both Visa or Mastercard. For large or PO orders please for a price quote and ordering details.

Free online version of QualTrace DNA sequencing QC software launched

We have created an online version of our QualTrace software to allow users to test the system on their own trace. To see what QualTrace analysis can do for your sequencing processes please visit our QualTrace Online page.

Tips for improving DNA sequencing reactions

We have added an advice page on improving the quality of DNA sequencing reactions. If you have any questions or comments on this advice please don't hesitate to contact us.

LongTrace DNA sequencing online service launched

The LongTrace DNA sequencing service has been launched. The service is still in beta testing, but is open to the public. To try the service for free please visit the secure LongTrace DNA sequencing service page and register your account.

Nucleics mailing address updated

We have changed our mailing address. Our new address is 12 Mill St, Bendigo, VIC, 3550, Australia. All our other contact details remain the same.

Improved dLUTE SEQ formulation developed

We have improved the formulation of the dLUTE SEQ formulation to make it easier to mix. This improvement has also removed the smell of the previous formulation. The dLUTE SEQ users manual has also been updated.

Happy New Year

We hope you had a great break over Christmas and we wish you all the best in 2006.

Review of DNA sequencing service facilities

We have added a review of more than 143 DNA sequencing facilities that offer general DNA sequencing services. In addition, we have added a guide to selecting a DNA sequencing service provider. We hope you find these guides and reviews helpful.

LongTrace DNA sequencing service to be launched January 2006

The our new DNA sequencing service for increasing sequence read length will be launched January 2006. This service allows the read length of DNA sequence traces to be improved through data reprocessing alone. For more about this exciting new service please visit the LongTrace DNA sequencing service page.

DNA sequencing troubleshooting guide added

We have added a guide to troubleshooting automated DNA sequencing problems to our support pages. This guide is not complete and will be added to over the next two months. If you have any questions or comments on this guide please email our .

Nucleics launches new web site

Nucleics has updated our web site. We hope you like the new look.

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