PeakTrace Online

PeakTrace Basecaller Free Version

PeakTrace is a DNA basecaller for improving the readlengths of traces collected on ABI 377, ABI 3700, ABI 310, ABI 3730, ABI 3730xl, ABI 3100, ABI 3130, ABI 3500 and MegaBACE DNA sequencing instruments. PeakTrace offers improvements in overall DNA sequencing read length of up to 50%. This free online version allows you try the PeakTrace basecaller on your own trace files.

You may upload three ABI traces at a time. The ABI files MUST use be in .ab1 or .abi file format for PeakTrace basecalling to work.

This free version offers the same basecalling quality as the Auto PeakTrace RP, however, to ensure access for all, individual users are limited to processing 6 traces per day. If you wish to process more traces per day please register for the PeakTrace RP Basecaller or order a PeakTrace:Box System.

To learn more about PeakTrace please visit the PeakTrace basecalling overview page or visit the Nucleics DNA Sequencing Forum to discuss PeakTrace.