Auto QualTrace Sequencing Software

An easy-to-use graphical interface for the QualTrace DNA sequencing software designed for trace quality control analysis by small to medium DNA sequencing facilities

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Auto QualTrace DNA Sequencing QC Software

The Auto QualTrace software offers an easy to use graphical interface for the QualTrace sequencing quality control program. This increase the accessibility of the QualTrace software for small-to-medium scale users as well as providing the following additional features:

Overview of Auto QualTrace

The Auto QualTrace program acts as a graphical interface to the powerful command line version of QualTrace. It has all the features of QualTrace while being easier to use for small-to-medium scale users.

Starting Auto QualTrace

AutoQualTrace startup

When first launched the Auto QualTrace program is minimized to the Windows Tray where it stays in the background checking for new traces files to analyze. The program can be maximized by double clicking on the Auto QualTrace tray icon (shown by the red arrow) to modify any of the default program settings, view the Qualtrace Results, or read the Auto QualTrace Help file. These different views are selected by choosing the appropriate window tab.

Auto QualTrace Settings View

Auto QualTrace Setting Tab

The Auto QualTrace Settings Tab enable the default program settings to be changed. Firstly, the trace directory that is watched by the program to be changed from the default ABI new trace folder directory to any user selected directory. This function can be very helpful when processing historical trace sets using the Analyze Now button.

The frequency at which the Auto QualTrace program checks for new trace files can be adjusted from once every 10 minutes to once every 24 hours.

The results of the QualTrace analysis are written to the QualTrace Log file. The name, location, and maximum size can be adjusted by the user.

The Auto QualTrace program can be set to launch automatically on start up of the computer.

The program setting defaults can be reset by selecting the Restore defaults button. No changes are made to the settings until the Apply button is selected.

Auto QualTrace Results View

Auto QualTrace results view

The QualTrace analysis results can be view by selecting the Results Tab. Older results or results in other log files can be loaded and viewed too enabling current results to be compared to older results or those from other sequencing instruments.

Auto QualTrace Help View

Auto QualTrace Help View

A easy-to-use Help view is provided with advice on setting up and running Auto QualTrace, an explanation as to what the trace analysis results mean for production quality, and advice on how to overcome identified problems.

The QualTrace DNA sequencing software is also available as command line version suitable to integrate into LIMS environments and versions are available for Windows (2000 and XP) as well as x86 Linux. If you wish to trial QualTrace please visit our free online version at QualTrace Online.

For more information about the QualTrace software please see the QualTrace DNA sequencing users manual, or email our with any technical questions you might have.

Auto QualTrace Ordering and Pricing Details

The software licence is for a single ABI3730 DNA instrument. The software can be installed on an unlimited number of computers.

1x Auto QualTrace Instrument Licence [NUC-50-A] • US$2,500.00

2+ Auto QualTrace Instrument Licence [NUC-50-AX]

Please for a price quote. Significant discounts are offered for sites with multiple sequencing instruments.

Ordering & Shipping Details

The Auto QualTrace software is customized for your instrument and will be sent electronically to you within 24 hours. Multi-machine licensed versions are also available for facilities with more than one DNA sequencer.

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