QualTrace 2 QC Software Online

A free online version of the QualTrace DNA sequencing software for quality control analysis of ABI 3730 & 3730xl DNA sequencers

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QualTrace 2 QC DNA sequencing software online trial

This online version allows you to trial QualTrace 2 on your own traces.

You may upload three traces at a time.


The standalone version of the QualTrace DNA sequencing QC software is available as a command line program for Windows 2000, XP and x86 Linux. A user friendly graphical version (Auto QualTrace) is also available. To learn more about Auto QualTrace please visit the Auto QualTrace information page.

To learn more about QualTrace please see the QualTrace DNA sequencing users manual or email our with any questions.


Purchase QualTrace

To purchase the standalone version of the QualTrace 2 software please

QualTrace 2

Single sequencer
NUC-50-1 | $2,500.00

2+ sequencers
NUC-50-X $