Agencourt Biosciences Sequencing

General information

Agencourt Biosciences was established in 2000 to commercialized the SPRI bead DNA purification system developed at the MIT/ Whitehead Institute. Agencourt offers a wide range of Genomics and DNA sequencing services. One of the largest commercial DNA sequencing service providers with more than 25 ABI 3730xl instruments. Recently Agencourt was recently purchased by Beckman Coulter with their new DNA sequencing technology division being purchased by Applied Biosystems.

Sequencing instruments used

Applied Biosystems 3730xl


Single sample

Contact for price quote

96 well tray

Contact for price quote

Sample requirements


15 – 25 ng/µl | 40µl minimum

PCR products

15 – 25 ng/µl | 20µl minimum


3.2 pmol/µl | 20 µl minimum
Common universal primers are provided free.


DNA and primer must be provided in special bar coded tubes or trays. Approximate cost of these tubes is $1 each.

Sample turn around time

24 – 48 hours

International orders


GLP DNA sequencing


Other DNA sequencing services offered

  • cDNA/EST library sequencing
  • shotgun library construction
  • cosmid and BAC library construction
  • whole genome sequencing
  • single pass sequencing
  • SAGE and Long SAGE sequencing
  • BAC end sequencing
  • Finished clone sequencing
  • SNP discovery resequencing

Contact Information

Agencourt Biosciences
Genomic Services
500 Cummings Center, Suite 2450
Beverly, MA 01915
Ph. 800 773 9186 
(USA) | 978 867 2603 
Fax. 987 867 2601


No prices are provided on Agencourt’s web site, however, from personal experience I know that they are quite price competitive (in the $5 a sample price range). Customers must create an account to submit DNA sequencing samples.

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