Gene Link DNA Sequencing

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General information

Gene Link are based in Hawthorn, New York and offer a wide range of molecular genetics services and products. Gene Link specializes in highly modified oligonucleotide and fluorescent probe synthesis.

Sequencing instruments used

Not stated but the use of ABI instruments is implied.

Sequencing prices

Single DNA sequencing reaction (CloneIDSeq)


Primer walking reactions

$30.00 + oligonucleotide synthesis cost

Double stranded sequencing using primers walking (DSSeq)

$1.15 per base pair

Bac/Pac/P1 sequencing


Rush service (24 hours)


Sample requirements


200 ng/µl | 10 µl per reaction

PCR products

>30 ng/µl | 10 µl per reaction

Cosmids and BACs

1000 ng/µl | 10 µl


Custom primers | 4 pmol per 10 µl of template
The common universal primers are provided free

Sample turn around time


48 – 72 hours


24 hours with extra charge

International orders

Unknown, but likely yes

GLP DNA sequencing


Other DNA sequencing related services offered


  • Primer walking DNA sequencing services
  • RNA interference probes
  • Complex oligonucleotide synthesis
  • Long oligonucleotides
  • Fluorescent molecular probes
  • Antisense oligonucleotide synthesis

Contact Information

Gene Link
140 Old Saw Mill River Rd
Hawthorne, NY 10532
Tel: (914) 769-1192 | -800-GENE LINK (1-800-436-3546) (USA Toll Free)
Fax: (914) 769-1193 | 1-888-GENE LINK (1-888-436-3546) (USA Toll Free)


Astronomical prices – the highest I have ever seen. For example, the cost of the 24 hour rush service is $54.00 per reaction! I can think of no reason to recommend them as there are many other services in the New York area that offer equivalent service at a 1/10th the cost. In fairness to Gene Link they may have not updated their website in quites some time so it may be worth contacting them to find out what their current prices are.

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