About Nucleics

History of Nucleics

Nucleics was founded in 1999 by Drs Paul March and Daniel Tillett to develop the ASIN Genome Sequencing Technology invented by Daniel Tillett.

Nucleics is focused on the development of Sanger DNA sequencing services, reagents and software for increasing DNA sequencing read length and reducing the cost of large scale sequencing.

We also have helpful guides for DNA sequencing troubleshooting, finding the best commercial DNA sequencing service, along with more than 300 reviews of DNA sequencing centers.

About our Nucleics DNA Sequencing Center

Nucleics is located in leafy Woollahra, Sydney. Nucleics currently has four research scientists working on new technologies for DNA sequencing reagents, DNA sequencing services, software for sequencing DNA, epigenomics and bioinformatics applications.

For further information on Nucleics, or any of our DNA sequencing reagents or software applications, please email us at {This email is obscured. Your must have javascript enabled to see it}.