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Manuals and guides for Nucleics DNA sequencing software, services and reagents
Troubleshooting guides and advice for solving automated DNA sequencing problems

peaktrace basecaller

Troubleshooting automated DNA sequencing reactions

We have provided a troubleshooting guide for automated DNA sequencing reactions to help researchers who are having difficulties with their DNA sequencing reactions. Include with this guide are protocol tips to help improve the quality and lower the cost of automated DNA sequencing. To ask question about any of these guides please visit our DNA sequencing discussion forum.

DNA sequencing service reviews and advice

We have written a short guide on choosing a DNA sequencing service which covers the features you should consider when selecting a DNA sequencing service provider. We have also reviewed 143 commercial services for sequencing DNA. We hope these reviews will be of help to you when selecting a DNA sequencing service.

DNA sequencing software manuals & user guides

QualTrace DNA sequencing software manual
dLUTE SEQ DNA sequencing reagent users manual
UniSeq DNA sequencing users manual
UniSelect Genome sequencing software users manual pdf
UniFinish Genome sequencing software users manual pdf
CounterTrace DNA sequencing software users manual pdf
CounterTrace DNA sequencing Quick Start guide
CounterTrace Phred base caller integration guide pdf
CounterTrace II DNA sequencing system Quick Start guide

Material Data Safety Sheets

To help our customers we have placed our MSDS for our reagent products on our web site in both html and pdf form. The MSDS for the following products can be accessed from the following pages.
dLUTE SEQ DNA sequencing reagent
CounterTrace DNA sequencing sizing standard reagent
UniSeq universal primer library

DNA Sequencing Protocols

Tips for improving DNA sequencing reaction
Exonuclease I / Shrimp Alkaline Phosphatase PCR product purification
DNA Sequencing Reaction Clean-up using Phenol and Butanol



To purchase Nucleics DNA sequencing reagents or software products please for a price quote or use the online ordering system. Please include an estimate of your current monthly DNA sequencing throughput. We offers large price reductions on all our sequencing applications for large users.


Nucleics products are shipped directly from Australia. The estimated delivery times